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We can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients by engaging them with your brand using various digital media.

Our team of specialists consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience.

We work in areas as diverse as cloud based digital infrastucture development, brand and digital marketing.

DNS digital marketing agency

Reinaldo J.

Head Operational Director

Reinaldo led operation initiatives to achieve targeted sales growth, while maintaining corporate and brand integrity. Has experienced for about 8 years in business development including ecommerce startup he founded.

Riman B.

Managing Director

Extensive global operational experience. Has helped numbers of local businesses, startups and multinational corporations in 3 continents. 12 years experience in ecommerce, digital marketing, and interaction design.

Fabian P.

Marketing Director

Highly motivated, visionary, and performance driven marketing executive with over 12 years of success in developing highly successful businesses and campaigns in creative media and IT infrastructure industry.

A. Chekelova

Digital Strategist Director

Creative digital marketing strategist, with more than 7 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies inspiring clients with a vision for their digital strategy and brand across all major digital platforms.

DNS digital marketing agency

Ryan J.

Account & Relationship Manager

Ryan is responsible for developing long-term relationships with new and existing client to create new business growth. He has 12 years experience in account relationship management.

Shan K.

Head Back End Developer

Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Specializing in CRM and E-commerce development. Solid background in Object Oriented Programming skills, frameworks and CMSes.

M. van der Linden

Creative Director

Mette is a creative and deadline-driven video editor with 10 years career experience in TV, media and entertainment environments. He possesses multi-task, excellent time and management skill.

Vidia L.

Brand & Communication Director

Vidia focuses on creating a communications strategy that reflects a client’s brand, connecting them to their customers. She listens and coordinates things to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

DNS digital marketing agency

Christania A.

Online Marketing Manager

Christania manages the marketing goals by developing and implementing multichannel marketing strategies. Her areas of expertise include web, mobile, email, social media, gaming and advertising.

Argo U.

Head Front End Developer

Argo is an interactive designer and front-developer, who prides himself on being able to bring great ideas to life in a digital world. Experience in front-end for more than 10 years for more than 50+ projects.

DNS digital marketing agency

M. Naeem

Senior Cloud Architect Manager

Visionary and innovative technologist with 16 years of industry experience. Working with customers on the technical and business aspect with an infrastructure web services platform in the cloud.

Wienna P.

Sales & Customer Support

Innovative professional sales manager with 6+ years of progressive experience within the e-Commerce industry and the skills to drive business growth and manage all aspects of daily business operations.

digital marketing agency

Firsha Rusdi

Data Manager

Highly interested in data analytics. More than 3 years of experienced in content management. Manages the implementation of procedures and working practices.

DNS digital marketing agency

Wahyu Sigit

Full-Stack Developer

More than 6 years of experienced in Information Technology. Specializing in Web Architecture, Data Analytics and Customer Management System development .

DNS digital marketing agency

Aris Prayitno

Account Manager

Highly motivated, visionary, and performance driven marketing executive with over 3 years of success in developing highly successful businesses and campaigns in creative media and IT infrastructure industry.

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