Tips To Make A Website With True Steps And Valuable Benefits

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The art of creating the right website can be learned through the presence of this article. Before going any further, it’s good we understand about hosting and domain. Do you know the two terms? Hosting and domain can be compared to house and address. Hosting is like the house where you can put furniture in it. In addition, the domain can be like as an address where visitors can know the position of your home. Both are very important in building a quality website and high value.

Most of the providers of website design packages now provide hosting and domains. It certainly gives you the benefits. Furthermore, you can start the stages to create a website as follows.

Steps to create a website:

1. The first step is you are advised to visit the website maker service provider site. At this early stage, we can give examples of the most popular, for example digital ocean. Actually, a lot of digital ocean provider sites are available but this is only a part of the examples as exercise. In fact, you may try another website maker service provider.

2. If the home page appears on the screen of the site, you can start to create an account as registration. Its position is in the top right corner column, more precisely close to login.

3. If the requirements have been met, you must fill in name, email and password. It’s like you sign up on certain sites. Do not forget to check the “I agree to the Terms of Use” and fill in the captcha code that has been provided. Make sure that the code is written correctly so do not do it many times.

4. Provide a new tab that you will use to open the email as registration. This stage is very important because your registration will be verified by email. Next, you will get two emails from the service provider. You can open the first email. Click the link shown on the contents of the email.

5. You will see the appearance of some hosting options. There are approximately 3 options that can be selected namely no payment, premium and business. You are advised to choose a paid option because the benefits are very satisfactory.
Immediately make a booking hosting by clicking on one of the two paid options.

6. If you have finished booking hosting, then you will get a subdomain. Here, you are also presented with several subdomain options. Then immediately do the selection on the subdomain column. While finished, you may click “Create”. You are recommended to wait for moment until the writing on bottom right corner changes to be “Account has been 100%”. And then you click “Result”.

7. Arriving at this step, your website is actually ready to use. The crucial thing is that you have to fill the content with qualified articles and masterpieces. The way to adjust all features can be done by clicking “Manage” button. You will be directed into the panel. In this section your management site is modified. The last, the name of user has to be kept well. You may save and write it because you will use it as login code.

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