Some Important Steps To Make Posting Title with SEO Friendly

  • Juni 5, 2017
  • SEO
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Having a website must be properly managed and developed. Strong or weak website does not depend on the view template only; precisely the existence of the article becomes the key to maintain the website. Of course this will be a plus for you if your article meets the rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Writing or posting will be a website design that is able to attract traffic because it is included in the list of search engine algorithm especially Google. It makes you important to do the right way of posting titles based on SEO friendly as follows.

1. Explore the most trending keywords

Do not be too hasty in writing so you do not plan writing strategies to post on your website. It will be a waste. Just immediately explore the trending topics or keywords that are hits or popular. This is the main reason because keywords will be a great opportunity to bring the visitors.
How to find keywords now is quite easy, you just need to take advantage of the facilities provided by Google. You can access trending keywords through Google Trend, Google Keyword Planner, and more. You simply enter a topic that is aligned with your website design. For example, the big topics you are looking for is “step”, then place the word in the topic column. It will automatically appear the list of matching words that become the trend at that time.

2. Puts the keyword in the first row in the posting title

The next step is to put the keyword that you have on the keyword search engine above in the title you want to create. This is a part of the SEO friendly theory that keywords should be placed in the front row of the row of titles created. For example, we find the keyword “Write SEO” then the title we can make is:
“How to write seo on your website easily and quickly”
“Write seo on the article on the website page”
“Write seo correctly and correctly”

From the series of examples presented above, which allows us to select as the title is the second and third points. That’s because the example puts the keyword at the beginning of the word. Higher efficiency levels and are very likely to occupy Google’s top row.

3. Add the posting title with promotional words

Adding the word promotion to the title sequence becomes very important because it can create a sense of offer to the readers. This is as a point of business elements in your website design. The selling value of this article will be valuable with the element of that promotion.
How to put and combine these promotional words with keywords is not too difficult. The most important step is to determine the word promotion that aligned with the keyword. For example, the key word is “SEO friendly writing services”, and then the results of titles that can be used are:
“Seo friendly writing service with quality assurance”
“Seo friendly writing service with cheap price and warranty”
“The best seo friendly writing service provider”

The stronger and more we give supporters in the form of promotional words then the greater the chances of this article received by Google and become the top rating. As a constructive suggestion, do the posting title of articles seo regularly. This is to make your website design powerful in terms of article writing.

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