6 Most Important Cases To Maximize Your Website Design SEO Friendly

  • Juni 5, 2017
  • SEO
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Website design with interesting templates is not enough to attract traffic or visitors; there must be a practical and effective way. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most appropriate ways to get your website at the top of Browser or Google Engine. SEO is able to affect the level of website visibility on a web page naturally. By making your website like this, potential traffic, free customer data, and brand awareness are definitely in your hand. We have the recommended things to activate your website with SEO friendly.

1. Doing keyword research

In marketing your business on the internet through the website of course you have to make the planning properly and well. You can emphasize good writing techniques, news, or articles. Everything should not be made carelessly. There should be planning especially on word selection or often referred to as keywords. Therefore you should often do research on keywords about what many people search. How people type the keywords on Google machines should be yours.

Take it easy, now there have a lot of search sites keyword trends to be keywords in your article. On Google, there are important operating tools that are Keyword Tools on Google Adwords, Google Trends, or Google Search Auto Suggestion. Another keyword search tool are wordstreaming suggestion tools and popular post.

2. Inserting keyword into the domain

Actually it is not compulsory to have domain consisting of keyword, but by entering a keyword on the domain will certainly help the value of the domain. People will find your website more easily. For example, you want to create a website containing about forex business, hence website domain creation may use learningforex.com. It also helps to put your website in the top row of search engines.

3. Using proper platform

Using the right platform will make it easier for you to operate and manage your website. The best recommendation is to use the WordPress Platform. That’s because you can easily install plugins that help improve the quality of the site you build. In essence, the platform also determines the creative appearance of your website. The easier to use the feature to set the website design, it will be more beautiful appearance. In this way, your SEO activities become more assured.

4. Operating good permalinks

In terms of building SEO website, posting is the main thing that can be your website marketing. Therefore, you must be careful in terms of posting something for your SEO activities to be smooth. Use of good Permalinks can maximize your way. That’s why we recommend choosing the WordPress Platform as described above. That’s because Permalinks Settings in WordPress is more manageable.

5. Make qualified posting

Many people argue that quality content is determined by the large number of words used in posts or articles. It turned out to be a false assumption. The best content is original content. But this is also not enough to say the maximum attract readers. Original content must be packed so that the reader is impressed with the contents of the content. This is where your writing art works. Usually many writers are impatient. They are less focused in directing the content to the context of the website design being built. Even in the post is not clear discussion. Then the post will be difficult to bring visitors.

6. Build the backlink

The most famous thing in the theory of SEO is the backlinks will never change even though the row of search engine algorithms is always changing. This forces us to build qualified backlinks. The way is easy, give a link in the post that one leads to another post. This will make the reader seems soluble in the world of your website. Every time readers browse your website, they will click on your backlinks. As a result, the traffic on your website increases.

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