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The existence of facebook has provided many benefits, especially in increasing website traffic. That’s because the site is the largest social media site at the moment that the users are more than 1.5 billion. This is a strong reason for you to participate to increase visitors on your website. Many things can be done on facebook such as like, share, comment, and status updates. You should take the advantage of these opportunities for your website business. Here, there are special tricks to attract website visitors through facebook features.

1. Put a link on every post on facebook

The main thing in making facebook as a media campaign of your website is to install a link. This can be anything from an article or status update even though it does not have to be all facebook posts with link. There are certain places to put links. First, attach the link as being planned. Second, put a link in the place most often seen by users. Lastly, post the link as an occasional status update action. With these stages, it will provide great opportunities for visitors on your facebook to visit your website.

2. Publish content at the right moment

The update and posting process should be done at the right time. We need to know when netizens or facebookers access more. This really determines the magnitude of their opportunities to be interested in seeing your facebook and website. The post’s estimate is like people queuing up, who comes early then he’s the one seen. The most appropriate time will indeed be different in every part of the world. But those are averagely at 9-10 am, 1-3 pm, and 6 pm – midnight. But the peak is at 6 pm until midnight. Use those moments to post your content on facebook.

3. Create interesting visual content
Compared with the content of writing, visual content is far more paying attention. That’s because more people are capturing information in visual form. The visual appearance is still dominance because it is not too difficult to read. They look then perceive. By doing this, information gets faster and more people are interested in the content.

The first way you can do visual post is creating a funny and interesting meme (mimicking). This meme is easier to invite the social media lovers’ virality to provide (like, comment, share, and more). Next, make a video post. You do not need to create videos with duration too long enough 1 – 10 minutes is able to attract website visitors. Finally, always attach a link to each visual post.

4. Using a natural impression

As a recommendation, we should build facebook fairly and not too flashy. Posting dozens of updates in a day can also make an impression not good in the eyes of users. The main key on this point is the good relationship between your facebook with users in it. Build good relationships through friendship in the form of comments and good posts.

5. Maximize application usage

There are two barometers that can measure the success statistics namely Google Analytic and Facebook Analytic. In order to maintain and increase statistics, then you need to take advantage of existing applications in facebook. You learn and apply so that it can attract website visitors.

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